“Scarcity Culture”

airplaneWhat decisions does fear make for you?  How do you react when you feel like you’re not enough?  The ego lives life through you by making you believe you are the ego.  That you are not safe, that your existence is precarious.  It makes you believe others’ perceptions of you, along with objects and thoughts, validate your being.

Of course, this is all true of the ego!  The ego is the mind when it attaches itself to objects, and thought forms.  It needs that attachment for its existence.  Without it, you would take back your life, and the ego would cease.  What would a life free of fear, judgment, and attachment look like?

The “Scarcity Culture” that Dr. Brené Brown discusses with Oprah, on this episode of Super Soul Sunday, is an example of a world created by the ego.  A world created by attachment, fear, and separation.



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