Experiencing Your Life, and 15 Seconds of Peace #2


Today I remember that everything is, and cannot be otherwise.  When you’re not attached to a thought in your mind about how your life “should” be, you are free to see and experience life as it really is with peace and equanimity.  What is more, life opens up for you when you are open to life.

This means that when you allow your present moment to be as it is, without demanding it conform to your ideas about it, it begins to flow with ease.  There are already solutions to any obstacle you may experience.  When you allow your present moment to be as it is, you offer space for those solutions to arise.  I try to remind myself in moments of stress, that if I let go the power of the universe will run its course, gently carrying me in alignment with my true purpose.

I am so excited to present the second “15 Seconds of Peace” video/music, created by my father, Peter Spero.  For me, this small glimpse of stillness helps reset the busy mind back to its natural state of peace.  I hope it speaks to you right where you are today:


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