“Who is it that’s aware that I’m thinking?” – Jim Carrey

I love this video of Jim Carrey because it reminds me that I have no idea what is truly going on inside other people.  We are each on an epic journey of personhood, each the star of our own play.  It is a beautiful thing to be invited to hear about the journey of another.  It is also wonderful to recognize that you don’t know the journey of another.  For me the “not knowing” helps to quell judgment, and allow people to present themselves in a way I couldn’t have imagined.  Thank you Jim Carrey, and Eckhart Tolle for sharing this inspiring video!


7 thoughts on ““Who is it that’s aware that I’m thinking?” – Jim Carrey

  1. Absolutely awesome! Both Jim Carrey in this video and your thoughts! I have come to the same conclusion. We CAN’T judge because we don’t know! We don’t know what journey a person has taken to bring them where they are today. I also relate to Jim Carrey’s feelings about wanting to go back to that moment of enlightment. From the audience laughter is sounds like they can all relate as well!

  2. JLH says:

    I am not judging you but the word is spelled judgment here in the United States, LOL! Every day at work, I usually don’t have any idea why people are at the spa, and I usually don’t know their backstories but sometimes you find out and you realize how quickly people are to label and judge. May we all learn from our mistakes and move forward to that time/place where we accept instead of judge.

  3. Anônimo says:

    Hi Katie! This question could put in that way: Who is it aware of thought? Is there a separation between the thinker and the thought? What’s happens when the thinker is aware that he is the thought? Because we believe that the thinker is separate from thought! There is a duality there, it is like that: the observer is observing thought. There is a contradiction. Can we end this contradiction? If you want to find out with me, just send me an e-mail.

    • I love your insightful questions! To me the paradox is beautiful; when you seperate your sense of self from the stream of thinking in the mind, you seperate yourself from that which creates the illusion of separateness and all returns to wholeness.

  4. Jamie Hawks says:

    I experienced brief enlightenment when recognizing I’ve recently asked that very same question. Even subtle synchronicities without the concept of time can be enlightenting. Jim carry commends Eckhart Tolle for his spiritual teachings. Maybe if we fully engulf ourselves in the awe of now and instantaneous synchronicities we can experience the feeling more often 😀

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