You Are Changing The World, Whether You Know It Or Not

Humans are promoters, givers, energy mathematicians.  We are always adding the energy behind our actions to a pool of like energy.  This can be recognized in negative emotions, which add their “low” energy to negative energy created by painful experiences from the past.  Has anyone ever tried to make you laugh when you were upset or angry?  In my experience, there is a part of the self in that situation that wants to stay upset.  It only wants to feel worse, to add to itself.

Your actions and intentions cast a vote in the energy and experience of the world around you.  The energy that creates war multiplies through more war.  To diminish the energy of separation and pain, we need to cultivate a higher frequency of energy that creates different outcomes.  It is inspiring to hear it so simply put, and well received, in this video that I couldn’t wait to share:


One thought on “You Are Changing The World, Whether You Know It Or Not

  1. JLH says:

    It has taken me so long to read this, there was no video any more. But interesting you mentioning a higher frequency, reminds me of new energy healing I am learning about recently.

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