Do you believe in magic?

The question itself sounds silly.  Magic is a label for the inexplicable.  Yet, magic not being real, we know that there is an explanation for that which we do not understand even if we cannot figure it out.

Tonight, as I watched clips from David Blaine’s Real or Magic, I began to see magic from a different perspective.  Magic is a word used to make something unreal. Magic just means that something is illusory, or a trick, or momentarily without a good explanation.

What would happen if you perceived an event without mentally labeling it?  What if the word magic is a disguise for true wonders that exist in reality?

A mind unable to concoct a logical explanation for an event does not make the event untrue.  It is merely very difficult for thoughts to perceive beyond the barriers, rules, and limitations it has firmly set in place for itself.  When those barriers become less important, and perception takes over from thinking, the world can transform beyond dreams, imaginings, and even things we call “magic.”

What I truly love about the following “magic trick” is the deeper truth of the interconnectedness of all beings that it demonstrates.  Our five senses and thought forms may have strict limitations by their very nature, but consciousness, which allows it all to arise, has none.  Consciousness is the space in which our reality manifests, and is the bond that connects us all.  I hope you enjoy this video in which David Blaine offers another perspective on magic and how truly connected we are:


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