What Just Happened?


New Year’s Eve Dinner at Bop and Mimi’s

It seems only a moment ago I was sitting in front of the fireplace at my grandparents’ house feeling completely at ease with my loving family all around me.

Annually in the weeks leading up to New Year’s Day my cousins from New Jersey stay at my grandparents’ house in the Chicago suburbs, along with my Uncle Joe from California, and we truly have ourselves a time.  Every day is filled with one delightful activity after another, always followed by a home cooked meal, and lounging around while enjoying each other’s presence.

Pancake House

Brother Joey, Cousins Jessica, Miriam, and Annie

After our time together we all return to our respective locations; I leave the suburbs and return to my apartment in Chicago.  Hopes and dreams for the new year usually don’t begin to creep into my consciousness until several weeks after my cousins have left.

When launching back into my usual situation I have to first focus on acceptance.  Good or bad, when change occurs I easily identify with the situation.  My thoughts and feelings become based upon the change I experience.  Whether I react to the transition with great sadness, or with great expectations for the future, the nonacceptance is the ego taking hold. Because I hold onto nonacceptance, my actions become out of alignment with the present moment.


Joey, Miriam, Katie, and Jessica on Christmas Eve

It is now my intention to send love to what has been, and allow myself to return to the only moment where such joy and love as I experienced with my family can ever exist, right now

Is there anything, good or bad, on which you have a strong internal grip?  Take a breath and allow it to be as it was.  Now give yourself permission to come back to what is real, come back to the present.


8 thoughts on “What Just Happened?

  1. Lisa Marier says:

    Katie, darling,
    The new year photo with all of you at the table fills me with such deep love, yet such melancholy . . . once I’m with everyone over the holidays, I miss everyone even more when I’m away….sigh. What an amazing, wonderful time we had! I miss you all.

    • And we miss you! I wish we could be together all year long, but even so when we are together it is so special. Every year it is a learning process for me, after everyone leaves, on how to go through transition peacefully. I’m still missing everyone so much, but we will all be together again before we know it 🙂 Love you!

  2. JLH says:

    Those of us who know the family understand what love is all about and wish we had been there to share in the lobster and love. I am glad you got to spend time with extended family and are facing the “now” time with peace.

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