You Are Missing Something

Joey and Katie Lolla '12But it is not what you think it is!

On Friday and Saturday nights the world of social media blows up with pictures and comments about the fun parties, plans, and events that it seems everyone is taking part in.  But for every selfie taken at a club there is a person looking at it and feeling like they’re missing out.

The pictures do make those events look fun.  And I’m sure many of those weekend parties truly are a great time.  But you aren’t actually missing anything by not being there.  A picture on Facebook doesn’t come close to the complexity of the actual experience of an individual.  Even if you are at home alone, your experience is no less or more than anyone else’s.  If you were in that situation there is no telling what the actual experience would be in comparison to the vision you have of it in your mind.

Creating scenarios contrary to your current experience that you think would enrich your life or make you “more” than you are right now is a favorite activity of the ego.  It is just another way the ego can take control of your attention, and bring you out of alignment with the reality of the present moment.  You aren’t missing the party, you are missing the now.

Wishing you were there when you are here is creating suffering for yourself.  If those people in the pictures seem to be having a better time than you it is not because of the party, but rather your own thoughts are keeping you out of the space of infinite joy, possibility, and peace.

If your sense of self is wrapped up in the thoughts you have, and those thoughts are telling you that you cannot be at peace now, you are experiencing ego.  So if you see the good times being had by others and feel a twinge of discomfort and suddenly become ill at ease with your present situation, congratulations!  You have become aware of the ego directly.  That awareness is the beginning of the end of the ego, and the start of the experience of your true self, real joy, and lasting peace.


6 thoughts on “You Are Missing Something

  1. Appreciate you taking the time and passing by my crazy un paid blog. I like this self exploration blog. I commented on this post, might as well commented on other post´s I´ve been reading, but on this one I on some point of my life did feel that I was not there experiencing the fun of the party, and that was before facebook. Growing up a little now, I don´t feel the urge to be Friday or Saturday and party with the rest of the mob out there. I know what things I like and when I like to do them. Don´t need to follow the mob to feel myself part of something, specially if it´s only partying. Figured that one out some time ago, but very true what you said since in my younger years there was a time I felt no worthy because I was not there in the “scene”.

    • I really appreciate your comment! And that is so true, long before Facebook it was still easy to feel as if you were missing something by not being part of a crowd. It takes a lot of self insight to realize what is enjoyable to you personally and not feel the need to be in a “scene”!

  2. It’s good to see a few people in the blog world questioning what they see in Facebook… or rather what they don’t see. Since I have a knack for seeing the downside of things, I managed to keep a lot of my facebook friends “honest.” But then I ran out of friends. So back to the topic, hmmm, I’m missing something. Well, according to Facebook, it’s a personality! Oh well, back to the Vodka I guess.

  3. Danielle Falance says:

    Great post! I have often found myself in that exact situation, feeling like a jealous loser :/ But I’m trying to focus on what is real and within my grasp: Me, my life, and the present 🙂

    • What wonderful inner work you are doing, that will truly inspire others! And there is nothing wrong with feeling like a jealous loser, (we’ve all been there), as long as you don’t actually buy into it, because the voice in the head just loves feeding on thoughts like those.

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