Mother: Role or Real?

Sally and KatieWe all play roles. Sometimes we are a doctor or patient, a waiter or customer, a spouse or coworker. All of these functions turn into roles when your sense of self gets wrapped up in what you do.

All role-playing is transcended when we are present, responding to the needs of the moment we experience instead of acting out our mind’s idea of what our role entails. The same can be said for mothers. Being a mother can turn into a role when it is a mental concept. But one of the amazing things I’ve observed from mothers is the complete transcendence of roles.

I’ve observed my mother and grandmother, my aunts and friends who are mothers, being constantly present, responding purely to what is required in each moment. They go beyond the role of mother, and reveal where that role originated. They are creators, sustainers, love bearers, teachers, healers, unifiers, transformers. They are alchemists transforming love into life. Mothers bear the burdens of nations and create vital changes in the world that are necessary but often not invited. They act from love even when repaid in hatred or apathy. Thank you mothers for transcending roles, and birthing a better world generation after generation.

My own mother not only gave me the gift of life, but also taught me how to live. She provided a space to grow as a human being, free from judgment, in the all-encompassing embrace of unconditional love. It is with the love I have learned, and continue to learn, from my mother that I offer this gift of relaxation. Take a moment and be refreshed with Let Yourself Learn’s deep relaxation, based on Shavasana from Integral Hatha Yoga and the wisdom teachings of Swami Satchidananda.

Click here for a free download of the audio version of Shavasana with Katie Spero.


10 thoughts on “Mother: Role or Real?

  1. Hi Katie and Spero, what a beautiful name!
    Thanks for following peeledonion, I am really happy to be in touch and sharing inspirations!
    Best wishes for all your beautiful endeavors. Sahar

  2. (▰˘◡˘▰) says:

    I’ve been enjoying your site so much! Noticed in a recent post you had an Oprah video from Super Soul Sunday (I think?) She’s totally my spirit animal ^^ Keep it up though, you have a great message! And a really calming voice 😉 (I’m assuming it’s yours?)


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