The Enemy Of Feminism

A ChainLabels often lead to misunderstandings but right now I feel like putting this label out there for greater clarity.  I’m a feminist. I’m a feminist in a big, unapologetic way.

Feminism is a movement that says all human beings are equal, are of equal worth, and have the inherent right to live free from the shackles of prescribed gender roles and the institutions which were built around them.

The energy described as femininity has long been oppressed in both men and women, leaving both at a disadvantage.  This created a history where women, and the feminine energy in men, continually suffered marginalization and disenfranchisement.

As a feminist I am free to say that I accept your life choices, whether you are a man or woman, and honor your individual journey.  Feminism, like other movements aligned with the natural progression of the universe towards justice, love, and peace, is at its core one more pointer towards the inherent unity of life.

One of the great aspects of feminism that I admire in the women and men who act upon its principles is the ability to look again.  Feminism takes a look at what our minds have created and asks whether or not they are true and useful.  It asks, is the manner in which I am treating and perceiving a person and her choices based upon the lens of my own life experience?  It asks, can I gain new insights by looking at human beings that seem different from me, free from the story my mind has already created about them?

The enemy of feminism isn’t men and it isn’t women.  The enemy of feminism isn’t ignorant bloggers who have large audiences that are quick to agree with their unexamined inflammatory judgments.  The enemy of feminism is not women who behave this way or that way.

What is the enemy of a person attempting to look upon other human beings in a new way, regardless of their previous assumptions?  That, of course, is the ego itself.    The ego is created when who you are gets all wrapped up with the thoughts that you have.  Strong opinions, stories, assumptions, and an us-versus-them mentality is the birthplace and breeding ground for the ego.  This is also why, for all the ego’s hatred of the meaning of feminism, it loves the label, it loves the thought that it can then use as fuel for its pseudo-life. If feminism is more than just a bundle of thoughts in your mind that you do or do not identify with, then you are experiencing its meaning beyond ego.

So before you go judging women and men for sharing their unique life experiences from their perspectives, laugh at the voice in your head.  If you can do that, the voice in your mind hasn’t become the ego, and you can still enact the principles of feminism by seeing the true worth of every human being from freshly unveiled eyes.


17 thoughts on “The Enemy Of Feminism

  1. (▰˘◡˘▰) says:

    Well said! Living in France, I have this conversation with people (both men and women) all the time. There is a very weird stigma attached to the word here. Quite different from the stigma in america. It’s really frustrating because people don’t seem to understand what Feminism stands for. But it was really refreshing to read your post 🙂 Reminds me that I’m not crazy haha!

  2. I have a HUGE ego that distorts everything! I am CONSUMED with hatred for feminism but I don’t really know why. Other than what I’ve read on Men’s Rights Sites but they’re not really my own opinion I have just adopted them as my own without question.

  3. Thank you for a great post. As a guy who appreciates femininity (in both men and women) in the sense of being emotionally connected and open, I do not understand the raw aggression that preoccupies the minds of many men (and women) that I meet. As people chase riches and success these characteristics are more favoured by society rather than the sensitivity that many possess and is largely undervalued. This is a sad fact but I believe we are coming through the worst of it now.

    • Thank you for your comment, and I agree I think we are seeing a transition on its way. And you just being you makes a huge difference in that! I appreciate your perspective and the clarity you bring. I’m reminded of the phrase, instead of being a mountain be the valley of the universe and let all things come to you.

      • Thank you for your reply. Your quote sounds very Gandhi-esque. He also advocated the power of submission over aggression as the real key to influencing others. A great man.

  4. Isn´t the premise a bit faulty. Inherently humans by nature are not equal. That is what make us great a societies as a whole. People tend to mix no being equal to being inferior. And that´s just not the case. It´s impossible to be equal amongst men amongst women, and even more difficult being equal women and men. The science is there, our brain functions different, process information differently, the biology of our bodies is also different. And that´s what makes us as a whole function as a society. Functioning with faults, since humans are imperfect. But the key is that it functions. If we where all equal society would be unable to function. Plus it would be quite boring. Anywas, I found the post informative although I may not agree exactly with it, I respect you as a person with different point of views. Which makes for good debate. And debate is crucial for society.

    • I truly appreciate your comment and ability to hear my perspective as well as present your own! I agree with you in that there is nothing inherently wrong with our differences, and that we each bring unique gifts to the table of life. Issues arise when we see differences in another and then ascribe a meaning to those differences, obscuring from our vision of the true being within. Women and men may have physical differences but it is important the we do not decide what those differences mean, and allow each other to live freely to our fullest potentials. Then not only do we allow the gifts we were born to give be made manifest, we end up seeing through outer veils of form to the life which gives rise to those forms in the first place, and end up seeing ourselves in each other, which is true equality.

      • couldn`t agree more with this argument. I can´t poke any holes in it 🙂 So are you making me turn into a Feminist, cause that would be strange considering I am a guy.

      • Thank you, I though you would be mad when I first posting the comment. But you eventually replied with a very good rational point. And that I admire, not like other people that if you disagree with them in something they truly believe in they would just insult you. So I´m glad could actually have a dialogue. Have a good Thursday!

      • This is late in responding, but I just wanted to say again how I appreciate your comments and conversation. I should write a post about it sometime! Being able to have a dialogue without becoming overpowered by opinions makes for true communication, and is such a joy.

      • If you write a post about it, nobody will read it! Since they will find it boring. People will say what is a Feminist and this other guy sort off disagreeing but yet not, so they sort of got to some understanding and what I want to read is “You are a chauvinist a-hole” and him ” You are a crazy lady!”. People tend to like controversy. If you write about it, I would just make up some strange out of the top kind of thing 😉

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