When Self-Help Books Fail

When self-help books become more confusing than illuminating, friendly advice causes anxiety, and the answers the world is giving you aren’t leading to greater inner peace, you are ready to be taught by the master.

Just as Lionel Richie’s answers lay dormant within his lyrics for years before he was able to hear their messages, everything you need to know came here with you.  The real guru is within your very being.  So if you can’t hear anything yet, and are feeling your way through the mist, don’t worry.  The light that is illuminating your path is shining behind your own eyes.


6 thoughts on “When Self-Help Books Fail

  1. atexasmist says:

    So true. Read this quote this morning, “he who looks outward, dreams. He who looks inward, awakens.” (Carl Jung)

  2. Thank you for sharing this. As a reader of over a hundred self-books, I know that the information they provide is true and real. The key is to realize this truth you mention about our inner being and power, and act out according to the advice these books provide. From experience, I can share that that’s the true path to positive change 🙂

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