Dear Alchemists, Notice What You Make

ImagineConsider all that your consciousness has taken in this year. The facts and figures, news stories, challenges, experiences, human interactions.  You are an expert witness to this creation day in and day out.

What are you bringing forth into this world each day?  When I think back to the un-work related conversations I hear at work, most of them fall into the category of “the horrors of existence.”  We discuss the worst things imaginable, often with lamentations for a broken world.  This is not being well informed. Knowing what is going on with other people and languishing in their misery are two very different things.

The mind can toil forever over a problem it can’t solve, which is precisely why it tries to keep these conversations going.  If the voice in your head is telling you that these conversations will help find a solution, that is because it doesn’t know life-changing solutions arise from a still and quiet mind.

In the coming year let us shift our attention from what is coming at us to what we are sending out.  Let us resolve this year to imagine better.  If we put out encouragement, kindness, hope, and love in equal measure to the complaining and agonizing that are all too commonplace, we will start to see our small pockets of existence transform from base metal into gold.

What you put out into the world is not dependent on your happiness or optimism.  It is a conscious effort to make manifest the deepest desires of your heart.  You are an alchemist; your thoughts and feelings transform your world. Make a choice to use that power to beautify all that you see.


8 thoughts on “Dear Alchemists, Notice What You Make

  1. This is so true and VERY important. It is easy to drone on with the bad news and add to it all the time. It is rEvolutionary to give attention to what we give out and hard work, but all the best things are – like birth! In my view the bad news drone is a very limited view. Alchemy shows something completely different – but we must each put it there. It starts here.

  2. It’s amazing what you see when you look outside your self as a reflection of what’s inside you.
    I believe what causes people to abandon this journey is initially it is discomforting to see past that thought or the duality that lets most people see the outside world and as something they are not a part of.
    It hurts to much initially to see the pain, anger and fear almost all of us hide inside us by judging the world outside us. It’s much more settling to think the violence we see in the world as something we are not a part of.
    It scares us to think we are that and that causes us to label, judge and personify ourself as the opposite but we aren’t. Instead of walking through the fear we think is outside us, we find a way to think our reality so that our mind creates a illusion we think. By continually thinking we are deluded into something we think keeps us safe.
    I find myself in a vortex lately I have been unable to escape. I’m kind of paralyzed by some mental and physical ailments. It seems as one fades another arises. I do my best though to not feel sorry for myself or pity myself and in doing that I look to life and see what it is telling me both to observe and what action to take.
    Considering I have always been a very physical person, this self felt advice is a challenge as I would much rather create and build with my hands then look with my mind and see what I haven’t seen or more aptly overlooked and in doing that I cone to see what so many have and are overlooking.
    So instead of focusing on the world or problems I see outside me I look inside and find the root of the world or the problem and as I am addressing the world inside me instead of putting band aides on the symptoms that arise in the world I perceive outside myself I find myself in everything as one becomes all and all is one.
    I use to believe or think I was doing something profound or recognize able by looking outside me for value and attainment as though, I know. I only know, though, or knew because of what I thought I knew.
    Now somehow I find by reconciling myself to the awareness, I don’t know, creates in me the space to know. I do my best not to put a period on that “know” and capture it in a thought that limits it. Instead if I see it as knowing then it stays dynamic. In that fluid state I can be part of the endless change that is for lack of a better word, Now. Now is
    not finite or static, it is, what is, which is the unknowing that change embodies.

    • I am just seeing this now, it must be just the right time! Thank you for using this space to express what is arising within you. These thoughts are lucid and intriguing and show a growing understanding. Your witnessing self is witnessing your self! It can be hard to gaze upon the thoughts and feelings within yourself but it is each of our tasks and I so appreciate you living into that journey. Many blessings to you along your way!

      • It’s been a exciting time in my life. Most people would feel sorry for me as I am handicapped by a herniated disc and I don’t have insurance to address it properly but I struggle to take care of myself and stay active as my mind wants to cater to the pain and let it control me. If how ever I look past the pain and ask myself what should I do and leave that question unanswered by my mind then I automatically start doing the appropriate thing and before I know it I’m accomplishing what I didn’t know how to do before. What I find is that “I” need to continually let go of “I” as “I” wants to take credit for now, as though as “I” thinks It knows what it doesn’t know and as it does, “I” suddenly feels control from a illusion of thought it thinks is but it isn’t. “I” didn’t do “what is”. “What is” is already before “I” thinks it is. So the more I let go, the more what is, is. Instead of a illusion thinking it is but living in fear because deep down it knows it isn’t, it just thinks it is.
        Anyway I’m sure that provably sounds somewhat crazy but I am finding, that in order to manifest my reality or as you say “allow Alchemy” to turn lead into gold. That metamorphosis is, by looking at what is and asking how to create the reality “I” looks to be.
        I also lost my best friend ever Sneaky, he was my cat for 16 years and he stayed by my side through the darkest days of my life. The day of his passing was something I lived in fear of for a long time. To walk through this though with awareness is almost a oxymoron as the ability to say no to fear is much more able when fear is strong as it obvious when it’s strong. I know in the face of fear to reject it and as I do, I know what to do. When the fear appears weak, it isn’t easy to see. As fear hides in our sense of security so we unknowingly look to our security to save us or guide us but that security is our fear in disguise and it’s not till we say no to it that we see what we thought over and then we come to exceed the limitations of our own thinking. By not letting fear steer us we respond to life and learn from life instead of the limited understanding our mind has based on the thinking it looks to as its strength but it isn’t, it’s actually it’s weakness.
        Part of me wants to say thank you for seeing what I’m pointing at but I know that part of me that want to say thanks isn’t necessary as what is, is attracted to what is and as it is, so it is.

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