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Backstreet Boys and God


The other day in my post about religion as language I mentioned that at this point in my life I can’t help but see God in everything.  Tonight I was at a karaoke bar and the Backstreet Boys’ song “Larger Than Life” came on.  While at first seeing God in a Backstreet Boys song seems ridiculous, (unless you’re a big fan), when I saw the words to the chorus come on the screen I was totally blown away:


“All you people can’t you see, can’t you see

How your love’s affecting our reality

Every time we’re down

You can make it right

And that makes you larger than life”

Who knows what the author was going for when this chorus was written, but when I saw these words I heard a powerful message.

Each individual’s state of consciousness has infinite consequences for the whole.  Because of this the most important step to achieving peace for all, is to create peace within yourself.  The far reaching effects of one person’s state of consciousness can never be known; the entire history of time would need to be traced to see the effects in their fullness.  In this way, each person is “larger than life;” we are much more essential than we can know in our current experience of reality.  As for, “every time we’re down, you can make it right,” I hear that when the world is in pain, you can help by dealing with your own pain body.  The collective pain body of humanity is dissolved one person at a time.

So who can say that boy bands are all bubblegum and no substance?  Anything can point you towards God if you receive it.

consciousness, spirituality

Religion as Language and How It Connects Us All

For me, religions are like languages.  If I were to call a shoe “a shoe” and someone else called it “un zapato,” neither of us would be incorrect.  We were both describing the same thing using a different language.  The words sounded different, but they were pointing to the same meaning.  If I didn’t know Spanish I would have no idea what someone meant when they said “un zapato.”  That doesn’t make that person wrong, it just means the noises they were using to describe something sounded different from what I had known.

As we have many different languages, we have many different religions.  All over the world exist ways of pointing to God, the infinite, the divine, the universe, the oneness, being.  In English I just used many different sounds that are meant to point to a reality, to truth.  The many varied religions from this planet express God in God’s infinite aspects.

Right and wrong ultimately end up as thoughts in the head.  When looking at the religions of the world without the mental screen of “right and wrong” you can see God growing and manifesting for all people in unlimited ways.  Even further, without the mental screen of “right and wrong,” the present moment can be experienced as God’s current manifestation.  When judgment ceases, the miraculous increases.  Without judgment, you are accepting what is, allowing the highest potential of any moment to express itself freely in your life.

While I lived many years buying into the “right and wrong” voice in my head, I now can’t help but see God in everything.  When you are very present, watching the moment, looking and listening for God, God appears through everything.  For me, I could be watching a movie, overhearing a conversation on the bus, finding an encouraging sticker on the train window, and I receive it as something miraculous.  And no matter what mental screen or ego another person is operating from, if I concentrate really diligently on the present I can sense God in and all around them.  This is still challenging for me when people have really strong egos that feel very unpleasant, but the opportunity to recognize that person as their true self is always there.

The unity of the present is such that your awareness of God, (or being, or true self), in another human being, is also being experienced by that person in the present.  Even if that person is completely identified with, and operating from, the voice in their head, the awareness you are experiencing is one with them.  As was mentioned in yesterday’s post, once a small glimpse of awareness is sparked, it can only grow.  That connection can change both of your lives.  What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to understand another human being.