The Voice In Your Head

One day when I was a little girl both of my parents were going out and left my brothers and I with a babysitter.  I wanted to go with them and since I couldn’t I was completely beside myself, crying and crying.  My brothers were playing with the babysitter and I decided to go to my room so I could cry some more.  When inside my bedroom I looked at the large mirror over my desk and watched myself crying.  I stood there merely watching myself cry away, for how long I can’t remember.  But what does still stand out clear in my mind is a moment of stillness I experienced while watching myself in the mirror.  There came a point where I wasn’t thinking anymore.  I wasn’t even feeling sad anymore.  All I was doing was watching, there were no emotions left.  A few moments later, thoughts started arising once more, but they were no longer sad thoughts.  The thought I first remember coming back into my mind was, “I wonder if I cry long enough if I could be in the Guinness Book of World Records.”  I view this moment in my life as the beginning of my separation of true self from the voice in my head.  After that, the new word I had for that true self was the “watcher.”  I was aware on some level that who I was, was the watcher of the thoughts and circumstances.  Spiritual awakening begins by noticing that you are not the voice in your head.  I mentioned Michael Singer yesterday, and in this video he describes this separation, with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday.  Super Soul Sunday is my favorite show; it’s the only show on TV where these types of conversations are the main focus and point of the program.   I also highly recommend Michael Singer’s book, “The Untethered Soul,” which has become one of my favorites.  May this video spark a new awareness and peace for you!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s continuation of “The Bed Bug Incident – Part Two.”

“Author Michael Singer says the voice inside your head that expresses doubts and worry is not you; it’s your deeper consciousness. Find out how Michael first realized what that voice was and how to separate what you’re not from what you are.”


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