Don’t Go There…

A lot of things get to me.  If you’ve read past posts on this blog you’ll know a handful of those things.  Did someone say bugs?  Being “rubbed the wrong way” is a common human experience.  Someone says or does something that really gets you angry, or brings up past pain.  Then there are the smaller annoyances that easily damper our mood.  A few examples spring to mind: traffic, cleaning up after people, being ignored.  

One of the most prominent downers for me is tone of voice.  When someone speaks to me in, what I perceive to be, a negative tone of voice I easily feel hurt or offended.  Michael Singer, author of The Seat of the Soul, calls these our “thorns.”  What, if any, is the purpose of these thorns?  How do you get rid of them?  

The first step comes from realizing that, no matter how truly disturbing the situation is, being disturbed is in no way helpful to you.  Feeling disturbed doesn’t change situations.  Solutions arise when you feel free and spacious within, when your energy is high and can find like pathways to match its own positive frequency.  This doesn’t mean ignoring your feelings.  On the contrary, it means relaxing and allowing yourself to feel the negative energy fully, letting it pass through your awareness until it dissipates.  What are your thorns? This conversation between Michael Singer and Oprah is infinitely helpful in learning what to do about our thorns:


The Voice In Your Head

One day when I was a little girl both of my parents were going out and left my brothers and I with a babysitter.  I wanted to go with them and since I couldn’t I was completely beside myself, crying and crying.  My brothers were playing with the babysitter and I decided to go to my room so I could cry some more.  When inside my bedroom I looked at the large mirror over my desk and watched myself crying.  I stood there merely watching myself cry away, for how long I can’t remember.  But what does still stand out clear in my mind is a moment of stillness I experienced while watching myself in the mirror.  There came a point where I wasn’t thinking anymore.  I wasn’t even feeling sad anymore.  All I was doing was watching, there were no emotions left.  A few moments later, thoughts started arising once more, but they were no longer sad thoughts.  The thought I first remember coming back into my mind was, “I wonder if I cry long enough if I could be in the Guinness Book of World Records.”  I view this moment in my life as the beginning of my separation of true self from the voice in my head.  After that, the new word I had for that true self was the “watcher.”  I was aware on some level that who I was, was the watcher of the thoughts and circumstances.  Spiritual awakening begins by noticing that you are not the voice in your head.  I mentioned Michael Singer yesterday, and in this video he describes this separation, with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday.  Super Soul Sunday is my favorite show; it’s the only show on TV where these types of conversations are the main focus and point of the program.   I also highly recommend Michael Singer’s book, “The Untethered Soul,” which has become one of my favorites.  May this video spark a new awareness and peace for you!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s continuation of “The Bed Bug Incident – Part Two.”

“Author Michael Singer says the voice inside your head that expresses doubts and worry is not you; it’s your deeper consciousness. Find out how Michael first realized what that voice was and how to separate what you’re not from what you are.”