Humanity’s 5 Biggest Virus Thoughts And The 5 Best Antidotes

Photo By Peter SperoMy friend, and wonderful artist, Greg Turiya Liotta shared this incredibly simple and lucid piece by Nithya Shanti via social media recently.  The moment I read it I knew I had to pass it on.  The understanding demonstrated in the following piece has the power to transform individual lives, as well as our human community.  May it bring you the peace and clarity that it did me.

“Five Biggest Virus Thoughts of Humanity:

1) I am not good enough yet
(I am imperfect and behind schedule)

2) We are all separate
(Races, religions, cultures, beliefs and species, divide and separate us)

3) There is not enough for everyone
(People are greedy and resources are limited)

4) There is so much more to be done
(Our to-do list is endless and seems to never get done)

5) I am here to work hard and survive
(Life is a serious, dangerous place)

Notice how each of these thoughts feel in your being. If it tightens, stiffens and contracts you at any level, it indicates that your inner being is telling you not to believe these lies!

Five Powerful Antidotes to these Thoughts:

1) I am enough
(I am perfect and endlessly improving)

2) We are all one
(Like fingers in a hand and waves on an ocean, we may appear different, but we are all made of the same one substance and are throughly interconnected and interdependent)

3) There is plenty for everyone
(There is enough for everyone’s needs, deep down everyone just wants contentment and our creativity and resourcefulness is unlimited)

4) There is nothing to be done
(Our ‘to-be’ list is always complete and everything in nature happens spontaneously, by itself, at the right time)

5) I am here to play, thrive and have fun!
(I don’t take life so-o seriously, for I know I’ll never get out alive! When I am having fun, everything easily gets done)

Now notice how each of these thoughts feel in your being. If it calms, relaxes and expands you at any level, it indicates that your inner being is telling you that this is closer to the truth.


“What the thinker thinks the prover proves.” This means any thought we repeatedly think will start to appear self evident and true to us. Our outer world always matches our inner perceptions.

So if you have been habituated to any of the virus thoughts, these antidotes may not appear very convincing. However if you say them to yourself until you begin to feel them in your heart and do so everyday for a month, you will certainly experience a beautiful shift and your outer experiences will mirror these improved perceptions.

The Practice:

So put your hands on your heart, look at yourself in the mirror and say this aloud everyday:

‘I am enough’
‘We are all one’
‘There is plenty for everyone’
‘There is nothing to be done’
‘I am here to play, thrive and have fun!'” (Nithya Shanti)


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