Step 1 To Positive Change

Photo by Peter SperoWhen there is something you want to change about your life there is one vital first step. Whether it be a situation, a relationship, a feeling, or a lifestyle that needs to change, the necessary first step is always the same.

What is this important precursor to positive change? Simply put: acceptance.

Before change, before action, before decisions, accept what is. Your mind won’t want you to, because non-acceptance is its lifeblood.  But here is what the ever-present stream of thinking doesn’t know: when you are at peace with what is, whatever follows will be in alignment with that peace and create more of the like.


7 thoughts on “Step 1 To Positive Change

  1. Katie, I love your reinforcement of ancient teachings, from many paths, shared simply and in beautiful style. Would you visit my blog and share your thoughts with me? I have written a book, so my blog is meant to develop the themes in the book, however, I have another blog which is spiritual, called I would truly appreciate your advice for either, or both of these blogs, if you have the time. Namaste.

    • Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate your kind words! It is great to be connected. I’m happy read what you’ve been posting, and I’ll be glad to share any comments. I’ll let you know when I stop by!

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