Older But Not Necessarily Wiser

QuailIt would be nice if becoming another year older meant you actually became another year wiser.  But I have not always found this to be the case.  As I approach my birthday I’ve noticed that I can look back at my younger self and learn from an understanding that I had once gained but later lost.  On a smaller scale, there are some days when I really feel in tune with the rhythm of life, and others when I am lost in the darkness of my own ignorance.

How is it that wisdom and understanding come and go so easily?  They are measured by the degree to which you are present.

When you choose to be the witness of your thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, environment, you inhabit the space where all knowledge and inspiration reside.  When you are strung along by habitual thought patterns, you step out of the flow of life.

In the moment you become aware of your breathing, of the beating of your heart, you are wiser than anyone could ever aspire to be.  May we all meet there together.


4 thoughts on “Older But Not Necessarily Wiser

  1. Great post! Yes that’s why sometimes we feel as though we’re going backwards – or we’ve already learnt the lesson before 🙂 We’re never really going backwards. It’s all presence 🙂 Sharon

  2. I been having one of those days were my antenna to NOW is fluctuating in its reception.
    I felt I was floating this morning in presense and this afternoon I was frustrated because I was lost in my mind and although I was aware of it, I couldn’t shake it. I said to myself “this to shall pass”
    I’m thankful for that awareness of my unawareness. I find it comforting as I get older that I realize I don’t know as much as I thougt I did and in that space I have room for more.
    I always wanted to be a “full cup” when I was younger as I thought that is what I was suppose to be.
    Now I see that being half full allows me some to give to another and room to recieve and grow.
    It’s nice looking into the mirror with you.

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