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Today’s Take Away

I feel this last week’s lesson in “divine compensation” is very relevant today.  When someone takes something away from you, or harms you, the universe repairs itself by restoring to you what you lost in a new form.  The person who took from you will also get to experience the loss they facilitated in some form in their own life.  But to feel the peace of this knowing requires complete trust.  For me learning a lesson helps evoke this trust, which is why I write these posts.  I think we are all learning something about ourselves, and what our personal views of justice are, from the Trayvon Martin case.

Eckhart Tolle sends out “present moment reminder” emails and the one he sent out this week, from A New Earth, says, “Anything that you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you.”  So today I look within, with an open mind, at the assumptions and attitudes I hold.  Where do I perpetuate injustice?  What assumptions and attitudes do I make about people who I don’t truly know?  When do I put the blinders on and stop seeing my human kin as brothers and sisters and instead treat them as “other”?  Without judging what I find, I am able to learn from myself.  From the higher vantage point of the watcher I can view the parts of me that do not operate from my true self, and find they dissolve in the light of awareness.

In the coming weeks I will begin to address the pain body, that energy created by past pain that lives within us and is added to when painful events are not fully accepted and let go of.  I feel that the recent events from Florida may add to this nation’s pain body.  Our collective pain body has surely been awoken, as can be seen on any social media outlet.  But it can be dissolved, by dissolving our own individual pain bodies.

I also find it very healing to remind myself that I am seeing current events from a very limited viewpoint and cannot judge what I see.  I have no idea for what purpose any event happens,  and labels such as “good” and “bad” are merely thoughts in my head.  For now, I think we could all use a bit of good news:

consciousness, spirituality

“Divine Compensation”

I hope you enjoy this video in which Marianne Williamson talks about how to forgive and living your destiny.  One of the lessons that really changed me was the idea of “divine compensation.” Marianne gives a great description of it but here was the insight I gained from it:

One way of looking at a miracle is when the highest potential of a moment is manifested.  When you block a miracle, perhaps by choices you’ve made, that miracle still exists.  It will merely manifest itself in a different form.  So if it happens that you do something and a miracle doesn’t occur, and you don’t experience the highest potential of that moment, that miracle will appear in your life in a new form when your heart and mind are open.  Which is to say, the highest potential for any moment is becoming realized when you accept life as it is, and allow life to live you.  When you are open to life in all of its possibilities, you give the highest potential the opportunity to manifest in your life.  

When I first wrote this post I was about to publish it, but through some technical difficulties found it was lost and unrecoverable.  I was frustrated at first.  I felt a lot of negative energy taking over me.  My boyfriend suggested we go on a walk, and although I was frustrated I knew that the universe was giving me an opportunity to trust that the potential for the words I had written would be restored to me in a different form.  I always find life gives me the chance to practice any lesson that I feel I understand.  I was definitely frustrated earlier.  Eventually I chose to receive the blessing with gratitude.  Though I lost something, that potential still exsisted for me and was able to manifest differently with these new words.  

When a moment doesn’t go “well” or as planned, instead of suffering, it would be much more enjoyable to be excited about what the new manifestation for its highest potential will look like!  Another way of putting it, you’re always on the right path, your highest potential is always in the midst of you ready to be realized.

Marianne Williamson is a brilliant author and spiritual teacher, and is one of the contributors to A Course In Miracles, another life changing book that I absolutely love.  May this video open your heart and give you a greater experience of love and joy today!  Thanks to Oprah for who you are, and for Super Soul Sunday! Stay tuned for a lesson I was given in self-forgiveness.

“Author Marianne Williamson has been a spiritual friend and counselor to Oprah for many years, and her advice has sometimes taken Oprah by surprise. Watch as Oprah remembers a time where Marianne counseled her to pray for someone who harmed her—and experiences an emotional aha! moment onstage. Then, watch as Marianne explains the principle of divine compensation and how the universe will always return what someone wrongfully took from you.”