“Stop Trying to Read Other People’s Minds”

Rolling CloudsHas someone ever told you an assumption they had about you, and you thought, “Where did that even come from?”  Several times throughout my life friends have regaled to me their thoughts about my actions and motivations that had nothing to do with my actual experience.  When you’re on this end of an assumption, it is easy to see how inaccurate and unnecessary assumptions are.  At worst, assumptions can be destructive and hurtful.

It is a lot harder to notice assumptions when you’re the one assuming.  I am positive I make several unconscious assumptions every day.  For example, when I’m choosing a TV show to watch at night I’ll think, “My boyfriend doesn’t want to watch this.”  Or when I’m talking to a friend I might think, “They don’t want to hear this piece of advice or story that I have.”  Assumptions are like a cancer, they multiply without discretion, until they destroy whatever they were attempting to create.

In this video from Super Soul Sunday Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, lays out the roots of assumption and how to control those thoughts:

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“How to Not Take Things Personally”

Life is much more enjoyable the moment you realize that it is not about you.  We are all the “main characters” in our own stories, so when someone is mean or unhelpful to you, that is all a part of their story, not yours.  As a very sensitive child I longed to know how to not be so hurt by a world that can sometimes be inconsiderate and unforgiving.  That sensitivity has given me many lessons in how to let go, and allow other people to live their own lives.  Here Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, helps explain how to not take things personally.

“The second of don Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements is about not taking everything personally. Watch as Oprah says she thinks it’s one of the hardest to follow, and get the advice don Miguel gives a customer service representative about dealing with challenging customers.”

PS- Stay tuned for the conclusion of “The Bed Bug Incident” tomorrow!