Let Yourself Lose “Hope”

People are looking forward to things getting better. To a better tomorrow. A better 2021. A day when a solution to our current pandemic arrives, or when we can leave home, or when we can feel safe again.  The mind is conditioned to see the present as something to overcome. 

We think that this is having “hope” but this is not true hope. This a mind with a habitually dysfunctional relationship to the present moment, whose hope is inseparable from its opposites of fear and despair. True hope can be found, it is here, and it can be experienced, but not by the mind.  It exists in the present moment, it exists in the inner safety and security found in the permanent amongst an impermanent physical world. There is an unshakeable hope that is born from recognizing the permanence of your consciousness that births the present moment for eternity.

What happens when every thing, all forms, have shown themselves to be unstable? What happens when we can’t pretend that salvation lies in some future moment? It is not necessary to build up the mind’s world, to tell the mind that everything will be alright, and that it just needs to distract itself until forms are once again acceptable to its desired version of reality.  We finally have a real shot at reality itself.  We have easy access to separating the permanent from the impermanent, and recognizing which is real.  We can actually find out who we truly are, that question we’ve always wanted to know, that our mind futilely attempts to answer for us by making up identities over and over again.  There is a permanent unshakeable safe place where nothing ever happens. There is reality that exists all by itself without your mind made story about it.  Enter the now. It is you.  You are not separate from it, it never ends, and when everything changes and looks different, you who are the present moment never ceases to be.

Allow the unacceptable future to force you into the now.  The satisfaction of the peace of knowing who you truly are will become so powerful that you will become rooted to yourself, and the imaginary future will never threaten you again.  Your hope will be beyond measure.  Because no matter what happens, nothing is happening to you.


When are you “just now?”

In this inspiring video Ryan Levinson teaches a powerful lesson in what it means to truly exist in the present moment, and how he is able to get there.

Take a moment today to find what brings you utterly into the present moment.  That experience of presence can teach you what it feels like to be right where you are, instead of in past or future thoughts.  After experiencing a profound oneness with the present moment, it will be easier to practice present moment awareness in all aspects of life.

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Letting Go – Of Everything

Per the advice of spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer I decided to start reading E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout. I am so excited about this book. I can barely put it down. In the coming weeks I will talk more about creating dreams, and living the highest potential of each moment. I have been blessed already with seeing my inner dreams manifest in my out outer reality in ridiculously amazing ways, but as is the nature of life, it is a moment to moment practice. As I was reading, this particular passage moved me:


When I find my consciousness operating outside “the now,” which is unfortunately a great percentage of the time, I gently remind myself of this analogy: The UPS driver just delivered to my house every single thing I’ve ever wanted, but because I’ve left the building, I don’t even realize it. I’m out hunting for paltry substitutes. Everything is right there, once I bring my consciousness back to the timelessness of “now.” (Grout 12)


Keeping your attention on the now opens up endless possibilities for your good, it is the only place of power, the only moment you’ll ever actually experience. I was reminded of a post I wrote a couple weeks ago but hadn’t yet published. As I re-read it now, I see that the practice of letting go I was experiencing, was the practice of moving back into the present:

I was on a walk today and some anxious thoughts were running through my mind. Some were trying to figure things out, some were about my health and what I should and should not be doing. (For you those thoughts may manifest differently.) As I was walking along it dawned on me that I could make the decision to let go of the anxious thoughts, to not create problems with my mind. This realization dawns on me quite often, which I appreciate, because every moment is a moment to let go of.

I then began thinking that letting go of something, ultimately leads to letting go of everything. Eventually when you discorporate you will be given the opportunity to let go of all things. The peace that comes with such a radical relinquishment can be enjoyed now, while still in this reality. As I walked, new thoughts kept coming into my head and I kept saying, “I can let go of this too.” Then I would place my attention on my immediate surroundings, moving more deeply into the now. Each thing that came up that I let go of gave me a new sensation of peace and appreciation for the experience of the present moment.

Then my mind said, “What about your loved ones? Can you let go of them?” And I tried to figure it out. I had more thoughts trying to reason how I would be able to let go of the people I loved when they passed on. I couldn’t figure it out. So that became what I let go of. I let go of not knowing how to let go. The brilliant thing about the universe is that when you can’t let go of something it helps you along. Someday I may be in a position to let go of those who I love and am extremely attached to in their current form.  But that doesn’t exist for me in my current now.  And when it does, it will still be the now, the place where all miracles, love, and power reside.  I haven’t let go as of yet, haven’t accepted that we all change forms, and that I can accept and let go of.

And with that as I walked along, I was brought back into the timeless, deathless now, the radiant glow of existence revealing its majesty more and more with each “letting go.”