Need a break from the voice in your head?

The world comes alive the moment the voice in your head ceases.  Can you remember any moments in your life when you weren’t thinking?  They are usually very memorable, because your awareness of the situation increases astronomically.

What is life like when your attention is not dominated by your thoughts?  While it is miraculous, the only way to truly know what will happen, is to try.  This video provides the all important “how” for silencing your thoughts:

Thank you Eckhart and Oprah for that wonderful Super Soul Sunday discussion! This next video I’m including as an example of how the direction of your attention drastically changes any situation.  In this simple video of a father asking his child questions when she is crying, the principle of anchoring your awareness can be easily identified.  

Eckhart taught us ways to shift our awareness from the voice in the head to our inner body.  For this child, when her attention shifts from crying to answering a question, she is no longer in the grip of reaction. An adult mind usually has too much momentum to cease when interrupted by a question, which is why anchoring your attention first within the body helps to slow thought.


“Every setback means you’re one step closer to seeing the dream come to pass.” – Joel Osteen

Have you ever experienced an obstacle in your life?  Maybe things didn’t go according to plan?  I’m sure for the majority of humans the answer might sound something like, “duh,” or, “why are you even asking?” While accepting that challenges are a part of life is healthy, the old tried and true negative reaction can cause further difficulty.

This video has the power to make you shout for joy each time a setback presents itself.  Instead of feeling discouraged when situations don’t flow with ease, this simple wisdom can allow you to experience those instances from a completely different perspective.  I love this clip of Joel Osteen on Oprah’s Lifeclass.  It transcends religion, and mental constructs, reaching right to the heart of personhood.  Thanks Joel and Oprah!

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“Mastering the Art of Manifestation”

The other week I talked about the difference between feeling and knowing.  When it comes to creating your own reality, I think this difference is the key component.  For example, I can say in my head all day, “I am rich, I am rich, I know I am rich,” when inside I still feel like that is not true.  That feeling of lack on the inside aligns me with a world that demonstrates lack.  When I feel I don’t have enough, everything around me reminds me of that truth.  I’ll see people with fancy cars that I don’t think I can buy, or see high price tags and feel like I will never be able to afford expensive items.

Although the disparity between what you want to have, and what you feel you have, can prevent you from manifesting your desired reality, there is a real choice when it comes to how you feel.  In this video Dr. Wayne Dyer talks to Oprah on Super Soul Sunday about how to manifest your dreams by coming into alignment with them.  When you decide to feel abundant, grateful, and peaceful, you are in alignment with all that is created out of abundance.  When you feel peace inside, you attract more peace.  When you feel infinitely whole and abundant on the inside, you will attract wholeness and abundance into your life.  Wishing for a new car, when you feel like you’ll never afford it, will keep that wish unfulfilled.  So if you want a new car, or whatever it is you’re believing for, start by simply telling yourself that you are everything you will ever need.  Tell yourself you already have everything you could ever want, residing within you.  Suspend your disbelief long enough to feel like the world has more than enough for you and everyone in it.  Bask in that feeling of abundance and gratitude.  The consequence of such a feeling is seeing that reality manifest in your life.

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The Pathway to Peace

Yesterday I talked about knowing the truth versus feeling the truth.  I posited that feeling the truth requires surrender, trust, and being present in the moment in order that evidence of the spiritual truth you are attempting to feel within can present itself.

One of the most miraculous tools for feeling peace, trust, joy, balance, energy, bliss, and anything else you desire, is meditation.  Meditation doesn’t seem fun or interesting at first, and that thought can prevent one from trying it.  But once you start to attempt a short meditation each day, a routine like brushing your teeth or taking your vitamins, it becomes easy and enjoyable.  Not only does sitting in meditation become more comfortable after making it a routine, it starts to create visible positive changes in your everyday life.  The practice of living all of the wonderful spiritual principles, that in your mind you know will improve your life exponentially, begins by simply sitting in silence.

Meditation creates space within that is normally occupied with thoughts and emotions.  When you clean out your inner space, the universe has a vessel in which to express its highest potential. Eventually when meditating you can feel this flow of universal energy as love, joy, and boundless peace.  Miracles begin take place within and without.

To begin practicing meditation I highly recommend Deepak Chopra’s “21 Day Meditation Challenge.”  This particular bout of the meditation challenge is a collaboration between Deepak and Oprah entitled “Miraculous Relationships.”  This is a free online program that offers a new 15 minute guided meditation every day for 21 days. Oprah and Deepak offer invaluable guidance throughout each meditation, and the music is beautiful.  Deepak has done several meditation challenges in the past, and each one has completely changed my life in ways I could have never imagined.  Many blessings as you go forth into the practice.  If you have any questions, comments, or experiences you would like to share about this meditation challenge, or other experiences with meditation, please leave a comment.

Here is the link to get started with your new meditation practice:

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Intention and Making Your Dreams a Reality

You can be secure in the decisions you make when you operate from intention. When you can make a decision about what your intentions are, you free yourself to trust your choices and are also released from the need to rely on the reactions of others to steer your life. Intentions give you guidelines that allow you to operate as your truest self. When you create an intention you can create your own reality, make your dreams come true.

One of the keys to creating what Gary Zukav calls “authentic power” is to examine if your intentions are aimed at the good of all. Do the intentions improve life for all those around you? Do they empower people? Are they in alignment with the abundance that the universe holds for all, or instead do they operate under the false assumption that there is “not enough”? If you want to be famous, is it to have many cars, or to improve the lives of many through your art? When an intention isn’t aimed at having or getting things, but instead is helpful and caring, it is imbued with the power of the entire universe, it is authentic power.

As you go into your week practice operating from an intention you set and see how your actions and their consequences are miraculously transfigured.  In this transformational video, Oprah and Gary Zukav discuss the power of intention on Super Soul Sunday.

“It’s the principle that rules every part of Oprah’s life—and cured her disease to please. Find out why author Gary Zukav says intention is at the heart of owning your authentic power.”

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“Divine Compensation”

I hope you enjoy this video in which Marianne Williamson talks about how to forgive and living your destiny.  One of the lessons that really changed me was the idea of “divine compensation.” Marianne gives a great description of it but here was the insight I gained from it:

One way of looking at a miracle is when the highest potential of a moment is manifested.  When you block a miracle, perhaps by choices you’ve made, that miracle still exists.  It will merely manifest itself in a different form.  So if it happens that you do something and a miracle doesn’t occur, and you don’t experience the highest potential of that moment, that miracle will appear in your life in a new form when your heart and mind are open.  Which is to say, the highest potential for any moment is becoming realized when you accept life as it is, and allow life to live you.  When you are open to life in all of its possibilities, you give the highest potential the opportunity to manifest in your life.  

When I first wrote this post I was about to publish it, but through some technical difficulties found it was lost and unrecoverable.  I was frustrated at first.  I felt a lot of negative energy taking over me.  My boyfriend suggested we go on a walk, and although I was frustrated I knew that the universe was giving me an opportunity to trust that the potential for the words I had written would be restored to me in a different form.  I always find life gives me the chance to practice any lesson that I feel I understand.  I was definitely frustrated earlier.  Eventually I chose to receive the blessing with gratitude.  Though I lost something, that potential still exsisted for me and was able to manifest differently with these new words.  

When a moment doesn’t go “well” or as planned, instead of suffering, it would be much more enjoyable to be excited about what the new manifestation for its highest potential will look like!  Another way of putting it, you’re always on the right path, your highest potential is always in the midst of you ready to be realized.

Marianne Williamson is a brilliant author and spiritual teacher, and is one of the contributors to A Course In Miracles, another life changing book that I absolutely love.  May this video open your heart and give you a greater experience of love and joy today!  Thanks to Oprah for who you are, and for Super Soul Sunday! Stay tuned for a lesson I was given in self-forgiveness.

“Author Marianne Williamson has been a spiritual friend and counselor to Oprah for many years, and her advice has sometimes taken Oprah by surprise. Watch as Oprah remembers a time where Marianne counseled her to pray for someone who harmed her—and experiences an emotional aha! moment onstage. Then, watch as Marianne explains the principle of divine compensation and how the universe will always return what someone wrongfully took from you.”

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“How to Not Take Things Personally”

Life is much more enjoyable the moment you realize that it is not about you.  We are all the “main characters” in our own stories, so when someone is mean or unhelpful to you, that is all a part of their story, not yours.  As a very sensitive child I longed to know how to not be so hurt by a world that can sometimes be inconsiderate and unforgiving.  That sensitivity has given me many lessons in how to let go, and allow other people to live their own lives.  Here Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, helps explain how to not take things personally.

“The second of don Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements is about not taking everything personally. Watch as Oprah says she thinks it’s one of the hardest to follow, and get the advice don Miguel gives a customer service representative about dealing with challenging customers.”

PS- Stay tuned for the conclusion of “The Bed Bug Incident” tomorrow!


The Voice In Your Head

One day when I was a little girl both of my parents were going out and left my brothers and I with a babysitter.  I wanted to go with them and since I couldn’t I was completely beside myself, crying and crying.  My brothers were playing with the babysitter and I decided to go to my room so I could cry some more.  When inside my bedroom I looked at the large mirror over my desk and watched myself crying.  I stood there merely watching myself cry away, for how long I can’t remember.  But what does still stand out clear in my mind is a moment of stillness I experienced while watching myself in the mirror.  There came a point where I wasn’t thinking anymore.  I wasn’t even feeling sad anymore.  All I was doing was watching, there were no emotions left.  A few moments later, thoughts started arising once more, but they were no longer sad thoughts.  The thought I first remember coming back into my mind was, “I wonder if I cry long enough if I could be in the Guinness Book of World Records.”  I view this moment in my life as the beginning of my separation of true self from the voice in my head.  After that, the new word I had for that true self was the “watcher.”  I was aware on some level that who I was, was the watcher of the thoughts and circumstances.  Spiritual awakening begins by noticing that you are not the voice in your head.  I mentioned Michael Singer yesterday, and in this video he describes this separation, with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday.  Super Soul Sunday is my favorite show; it’s the only show on TV where these types of conversations are the main focus and point of the program.   I also highly recommend Michael Singer’s book, “The Untethered Soul,” which has become one of my favorites.  May this video spark a new awareness and peace for you!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s continuation of “The Bed Bug Incident – Part Two.”

“Author Michael Singer says the voice inside your head that expresses doubts and worry is not you; it’s your deeper consciousness. Find out how Michael first realized what that voice was and how to separate what you’re not from what you are.”